Working from home during lockdown, now what?

Working from home during the latest lockdown?

It appears the current lockdown will remain in place for at a minimum, several more weeks. While we transition into working from home during lockdown we have to re-learn what that means. Most of us had started enjoying a sense of normality with our working lives, with fewer restrictions and words like, “lockdown”, sinking into the back of our collective memories, like a bad dream we were trying to forget. We were turning off our video feeds to go back out and meet people in person and enjoying networking opportunities with colleagues and customers. But here we are again….

Here are our essential tips for this continued lockdown period.

Transitioning back to working from home

While some might find the transition to working from home has been smooth during the past few weeks, others might take a bit longer to get back into the ‘working from home mode’. Some might have cleared away their workstations or used these workstations as temporary storage facilities.

Keeping your focus during lockdown can be difficult, especially if you have distractions like adorable pets or kids running around fighting for your attention. Or if you just suddenly remembered that cabinet you were supposed to deep clean last lockdown, but never got around to doing…

There are several things you can do to get back into the groove of working from home. Some of you might be working from home professionals by now, having kept your home office set up, While others might have locked that door and thrown away the key.

Setting up a dedicated workstation

As comfortable as it is working from your bed or couch, setting up a workstation is key for productivity, even if it is only for the short amount of time we are in this lockdown. Working from your bed will decrease your productivity and worse, the quality of your sleep will deteriorate. Avoiding working from areas of your home used for relaxation also separates your home life from your work life, making it easier for you to switch off when you need to step away from work. If you can, set it up in a separate dedicated room with lots of natural light. We also recommend communicating clear expectations to anyone who will be home with you, to minimize any potentially unnecessary distractions throughout the day.