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Tank Stream Legal: Powered by Source provides high-quality and on demand Legal and HR services with an unmatched depth and breadth of expertise.

Our highly experienced and professional team acts as an in-house style team for businesses of any size, covering all the areas that businesses typically encounter in their day to day operations. We can provide a whole team, or we can supplement your current team with additional specialists. 


Our in-house style essential professional services provides businesses with the comfort of knowing that all their legal, HR and intellectual property needs are looked after by our highly qualified team.


We become your in-house legal department, or supply your team with additional support and expertise. With us you get on-tap support with commercial, corporate, employment and health and safety law from a team of highly specialised lawyers.


We become your HR department, or supply your team with additional support and expertise. With us you can rest assured that your HR policies,
procedures, advice and issues
management, are taken care of with a team of experienced HR specialists.


We act like your in-house trade mark attorneys, providing specialist trade mark and IP advice. Our unique approach ensures efficient and thorough protection, management, monitoring, and enforcement of your IP. We become your IP department, providing expertise for all your IP needs.

How we do it

Unlimited support under
a monthly retainer

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With our monthly retainers you pay a
fixed fee per month and we are never
‘on the clock’ when you need us. Your
monthly retainer offers unlimited access
to your expert team, giving you peace of
mind knowing you can grow your
business with complete budget

Access to your own
highly responsive team of

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We give you a tailored team of
lawyers and professionals with expertise
that is just right for your business. They
will get to know your business and will
feel like an extension of your team. When
you need help, your team will be
ready to act – and fast. We get back to
you quickly, so you are never left

No lock-in contract

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Our retainers operate month-to month,
so you are not locked into anything. We
develop a close, long-term relationship
with you by providing great support –
not by locking you into a contract.

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