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We are not just redefining recruitment; we are introducing "The Nudge Experience," a transformative People Partner Model tailored for startups and scaleups. Our mission is to accelerate your growth journey from the outset. We work with startups and scaleups to offer personalised expertise to address talent challenges, offer strategic insights, and assist in fostering the growth of your business right from the get-go.

Team Meeting
Why Nudge @ Tank Stream Labs 

We source talent that fits seamlessly with your organisational culture, both domestically and internationally.

Employer branding

We go beyond traditional recruitment by conducting an in-depth campaign that shares the compelling stories of your company, founder's journey, and team members.


We provide an affordable pricing structure designed to minimise risk and cater to every stage of your startup and scale-up journey.

More than recruiters

We not only assist you in attracting top talent but we also link you with the right ecosystem to grow your business. 

Global presence

We are assisting our clients in expanding globally, with roles across UK, US, Europe and Asia.

Silhouettes and View

Nudge @ Tank Stream Labs works with global startups and scaleups going through various stages of business growth. We connect them with world-class talent and a trusted ecosystem, from pre-seed to Series A, all the way to IPO.

Flexible pricing model

Our pricing model ensures access to top talent and expertise. It is designed with the understanding of the challenging economic environment most startups and scaleups are experiencing in mind. Along with our affordable pricing, we offer 6-month interest-free payment plans and provide discounted rates in your early years to support your growth.

What's Included

Building executive teams


Interview training

Leadership coaching

Outsourcing people & culture function

Talent design & workforce planning

Building HR infrastructure

Culture and Leadership training

People smiling and working

Tailored Talent Solutions
for Your Business


Your Strategic Talent Resource

Experience an innovative approach to sourcing and placing talent with our strategic talent resource. Our dedicated consultants seamlessly integrate with your existing team, providing strategic support for scaling. Whether you are expanding rapidly, working on project-based roles, or need part-time recruitment expertise, we offer the flexibility you need.

Culture Services
Our Packages

All of our packages are customised to your business's unique needs.

A fully dedicated consultant on your account

Suitable for a single person or full resourcing team

Coverage on all our media channels

Access to all of our resources

Build strong key stakeholder relationships

The added power of our global networks

Source, screen and manage the candidate journey

Expert advice on hiring & onboarding strategy

Metrics orientated to guarantee results

Salary benchmarking.

Grow Your Brand

At Nudge @ Tank Stream Labs, we understand the power of media exposure in amplifying your brand and reaching a wider audience. Through our dedicated media arm, we offer exclusive promotional opportunities designed to highlight your company's story and expertise. 

Tank Stream Speaks Podcast
Give it A Nudge Video Series

Our podcast "Tank Stream Speaks" and video series "Give it A Nudge" are dedicated to showcasing the exciting world of startups and scale-ups. As a featured guest you can share your journey, product highlights, and industry insights, positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field. Connect with potential customers, investors, and collaborators, gaining valuable exposure while discussing industry trends and showcasing your company's expertise.

Meet the Team
Culture and Leadership

We provide exceptional solutions to assist fast growing startups with attracting and retaining top talent that will fuel your business. Building and maintaining the right culture and leadership is essential for any business, regardless of size.

Our services help design, develop and implement a company culture that becomes synonymous with your brand. We will work with you to create a high performing, high impact, healthy workplace culture in a

simple step-by-step approach broken down into three core components;

It's never too early to start building your reputation as an exceptional workplace, and extraordinary team.

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