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Tank Stream Talent specialises in customised talent solutions for startup and scaleup companies based on your unique business challenges. We work with you to design and develop your approach to talent by offering customisable pricing for our services and support. 
Our services include:



  • Talent Acquisition and Advisory 

  • Culture and Leadership

Talent Acquisition and Advisory Services

Tank Stream Talent works with technology-focused startups, scaleups and established businesses experiencing fast-paced growth. We offer a tailored range of talent acquisition services suited to your business requirements.

Onsite Services

Embedded Talent Acquisition Solution

With our retainer based model we embed a Talent Acquisition Consultant into your internal team, building your talent acquisition processes, strategy and covering all your hiring needs.


We work in tandem with you, living your business, brand, and culture. The experience is seamless for both candidates and hiring managers, ensuring that your employer brand is protected.


Monthly fee

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On Demand

​We have a network of experienced recruiters across many industries who are looking for short-term assignments. We will work with you to understand exactly what you need. 

Whether it is 2 weeks or 2 months the timeframe of these engagements can be customised to

your specific needs. 


Daily rate

Permanent, Contract and Retained Recruitment

We will engage as a traditional recruiter leveraging our vast network and experience to source, qualify and attract market leading talent for specific roles.

Depending on your needs we can source talent for contract or permanent opportunities across all role types.



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Talent Advisory


Our Talent Advisory Solutions are a popular option for smaller businesses that do not have an internal Talent Acquisition team.

We provide just-in time support when you need it,

Whether you want help sourcing candidates, designing a talent acquisition strategy or the full recruitment process.

10 Hour Bundle


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Culture Services
Culture and Leadership

We provide exceptional solutions to assist fast growing startups with attracting and retaining top talent that will fuel your business. Building and maintaining the right culture and leadership is essential for any business, regardless of size.

Our services help design, develop and implement a company culture that becomes synonymous with your brand. We will work with you to create a high performing, high impact, healthy workplace culture in a

simple step-by-step approach broken down into three core components;

It's never too early to start building your reputation as an exceptional workplace, and extraordinary team.



With our simple process we can help you to map out the 9 crucial building blocks of great culture that is authentic to your business. Made simple through a step-by-step series of conversations and workshops with your team we will help you articulate your core Beliefs, Behaviours and build a sense of Belonging.


By the end of this  you will have clearly articulated your;



  • Purpose 

  • Values 

  • Virtues

  • 6 more building blocks!

Without these foundational blocks attracting the right talent will be challenging in today's competitive market.


Tailored to your 

specific requirements


We will work with you to design a compelling story, setting clear and compelling expectations with the talent you are attracting and engaging with. Differentiating yourself in a crowded market will boil down to the experience and brand promise you articulate and follow through on. Those experiences can be brought to life through;




  • Real employee stories

  • The founder story

  • EVP pillars

  • Onboarding starter packs

  • LinkedIn company overview

  • Website careers page

  • Company Culture Playbook

Our team will work with to design and execute a compelling EVP that fits with the size and stage of your business.


Tailored to your 

specific requirements


Retaining great talent that you have worked so hard to attract will rely on the strength of your leaders and managers. We will support you to form a world-class leadership team that is aligned on what great leadership looks like and constantly evolving towards that vision.


Through a combination of individual coaching, team coaching and manager training your team will be up-skilled on the core management principles and capabilities they need to grow a team. Together they will;


  • Create a Leadership Charter

  • Learn and Practice key skills

  • Retro performance as a team

The result will be happier employees who feel valued and who are more loyal and engaged in their work and in your business.


Tailored to your 

specific requirements


Tank Stream Talent sought to understand our requirements and found a number of good candidates. It was easy to organise interviews and we are very happy with the candidates we hired.

Konrad Gebels

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