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Tank Stream Studios is a premium studio provider located in the heart of Sydney CBD.

The Studios consist of podcasting, filming and photoshoot studios. Services include studio hire, podcast production, post-production, audio and video editing services to any company.


Tank Stream Studios have partnered with leading content provider Nudge Productions,

to help provide all these expert services.

Studio Hire

Looking to hire a podcast studio, filming studio or photoshoot studio? 

Located in the heart of Sydney CBD directly above Wynyard Station in the Sydney Startup Hub our premium studios are equipped with high-quality equipment in a professional and comfortable environment.

Podcasts Services

Interested in producing podcasts?

Podcasts are becoming a popular channel for businesses for growth opportunities and to engage with clients. Tank Stream Studios offer podcast packages to help businesses produce their own podcast content.

The Full

Make my podcast for me

Know you want to make a podcast for your business, but don't know where to begin or how?


Leave it with us - we'll make it work for you and your business goals.


Make my podcast sing

Got a great podcast idea, think you have the content nailed, but just want some expert advice and support with editing to make it really sing? 

Then this package is perfect for you!


Get my podcast out there

Need a support team to just get your podcast cleaned up and out the door into people's ears? Then this is for you.


We'll do some light, cheap and cheerful editing for you and manage your distribution. Easy done.


Help me learn & grow

Got your own podcast or just  want to know more about the audio / podcast industry?

We'll act as your podcast consultants so you can level up your podcast and maximise your spend. 

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