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FinTech Labs Launches with Tank Stream Labs, Australian FinTech & StartUp ScaleUp

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with FinTech Labs, led by industry leader Glen Frost, Founder of the renowned FinTech Awards and FinTech Summit. This collaboration underlines our joint commitment to nurturing fintech innovation and building a thriving community.

FinTech Labs supported by Tank Stream Labs, Australian FinTech & StartUp ScaleUp will serve as a vital platform for fintech entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and share insights, driving the progress of the industry. The collaboration opens doors to investors and venture capitalists, a crucial factor in propelling the growth of fintech startups.

Through this fintech startups can tap into the expertise of industry veterans and advisors, gaining valuable insights for their journey.

With the support of Australian FinTech and StartUp ScaleUp, this partnership is set to create new avenues for growth. As we all share a common goal of empowering fintech startups, establishing a comprehensive ecosystem for success.

While the initial events will focus on Sydney, Fintech Labs envisions expanding to other cities, further strengthening collaboration among fintech leaders nationwide.

Join us for the first event at our Sydney Startup Hub on 28th September, register here.

Read more about the launch of FinTech Labs here.

Join us in shaping the future of fintech. Stay tuned for updates.

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