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10 Years Of Leading The Startup Community To New Heights

This month Tank Stream Labs celebrated its 10-year anniversary, and what a journey it has been!

It all started with an idea…

What if there was a place where startup founders could convene, where there were vital opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and the flexible conditions needed to scale a high-growth tech company? Where you could meet potential business connections, investors and talent by the coffee machine? Where you could focus on scaling up your business and at the same time find all the resources, education and network you need to take your business to the next level. Not to mention — a fun and an amazing community of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry leaders that are all there to build relationships and support each other, all under one roof.

It was this idea that was born into what Tanks Stream Labs has now become!

Since our incorporation in 2012, Tank Stream Labs has become one of Australia’s leading co-working facilities with our recent opening of our new Scaleup Hub in the Tech Central precinct marking our third Sydney office, and we have just announced our fourth, and largest to date, Sydney office in Barangaroo International Towers last month. These recent additions to our portfolio mean that we are able to provide even larger facilities to support our growing companies as they expand.

To date, we have been the home to over 1,000+ startups, created thousands of employments opportunities and have been instrumental in supporting over $1 billion in funding raised and invested in the Australian startups' ecosystem.

Over the last ten years, we have been very fortunate to have incredible companies that have started their journey in our community and have called Tank Stream Labs home.

Livewire started and grew up in Tank Stream Labs. Over the years we’ve met so many interesting start-up people in the space and appreciated being able to scale the business without the complications of long-term leases. A big thanks to the TSL team for all their support and flexibility along the way.”

A key value of Tank Stream Labs is diversity. We know how important it is for business growth to be surrounded by exceptional entrepreneurs across different tech industries. The founders appreciate the value derived from working within a space free from direct competition and the opportunity to work with, understand, learn about other businesses, and the opportunity to build strong relationships enhances the chances of success. Over the past 10 years we have strived to facilitate an infrastructure built on strong values and positive relationships that promotes brand awareness, attracting further growth opportunities for the companies in our community.

Tank Stream Labs has been a great place for Stockspot to be as we've scaled the business by 30x over the last 5 years. The helpful TSL team, community events and sounding board of other entrepreneurs have helped our business thrive.

Perhaps one of the greatest things we witness on a daily basis, are the companies in our community succeeding and expanding their business operations. Each office caters for a certain type of business based on their current stage in the business growth journey. Our focus is tech companies but we are industry agnostic meaning we have companies across a wide range of industries including fintech, edutech, SaSS, marketing, proptech, Accelerators. We believe that regardless of industry, the same types of challenges are experienced as a business in the startup stage.

TSL has really been the true home of Checkbox over the years. As a co-working space, we've gotten so much more than just a physical space with tables and chairs. From tax support from service partners to the community events, food, and drinks, and just being always helpful and accommodating to our day-to-day requests, we feel like we've been well taken care of here. We've seen TSL evolve over the years but the one constant throughout all that growth and change is their care for members like us. There is so much Checkbox history and memories at TSL and we wouldn't have the company culture we have today without the environment that TSL has enabled. Thank you to Brad and the TSL team for putting up with our mischief and embracing our people over the years. Happy 10 years - we couldn't be prouder to be part of your journey.”

We truly believe that in promoting a collaborative working environment supporting startups so that they can work together, innovate, grow and thrive, leading to great opportunities and having fun at the same time. It is through our dynamic infrastructure, collaborative culture and interconnected community that we have been able to achieve this over the last decade.

Thank you to everyone involved with Tank Stream Labs over the past 10 years for all the support, we cannot wait to see the successes of the next 10 years!

The Tank Stream Labs team

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