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Nominate Your Startup for Top Startup Employers 2023 - Join us in Celebrating Great Workplaces

At Tank Stream Labs, we believe in creating an environment where startups and scaleups can thrive. That's why we are proud to be the major sponsor of My Startup Gig's guide: Top Startup Employers 2023. An initiative by My Startup Gig and Startup Daily to recognise the best startups to work for across Australia.

The report aims to highlight startups that excel in providing a supportive, inclusive, and innovative workplace for their employees. By doing so, it hopes to increase startup employment and encourage more people to join the ecosystem.

Founders or their leadership teams can participate in the Top Startup Employers 2023 report by submitting information about their processes and policies. Employees will then be surveyed to rate their workplace on various criteria, including professional development and training, employee support, work-life balance, employee benefits, and the company’s approach to improving gender representation.

The report is facilitated through partnerships with government organisations, venture capital firms, and co-working spaces. The report is the first of its kind, as the first search for the top startup workplaces in Australia, as decided by the employees.

The report also aims to address gender issues in the tech sector by highlighting companies that are leading the way.

Bradley Delamare comments on the news, “TSL being one of the most established and largest startup communities in Australia, having worked with thousands of startups over the past 10 years,” he said. “Having launched Tank Stream Talent to help businesses with people and culture, we believe this is a very important project to support and we look forward to celebrating all the fantastic workplaces in the start-up ecosystem.”

At Tank Stream Labs, we understand the importance of people and culture, which is why we launched Tank Stream Talent to help businesses with these aspects. We believe that supporting initiatives like Top Startup Employers 2023 is essential to encouraging more people to join the startup ecosystem while embracing inclusivity.

There are many great startups out there doing incredible work, but no one has heard of them. The Top Startup Employers 2023 report aims to give a voice to all those quiet achievers that don't have brand recognition in the jobseeker market. Attracting more talent to the startup ecosystem and fostering its growth.

If you'd like to support the project, get in touch with My Startup Gig at We're excited to see the impact this report has on the startup world, and we look forward to celebrating all the fantastic workplaces in the ecosystem.

Participating in the report is free, and submissions can be made here until 30th May 2023.

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