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S2S Summit Teams Up with Technology Scale-up Awards

We are pleased to announce an exciting collaboration between the S2S Summit 2024 and the Technology Scale-up Awards. This partnership aims to spotlight Australia’s most innovative and disruptive technology companies, offering them a platform to gain recognition and showcase their groundbreaking work in the technology industry.

About the Technology Scale-up Awards

Now in its fourth year, the Technology Scale-up Awards celebrate technology businesses making significant impacts across various industry sectors. With 13 award categories open for nomination, the Awards provide an excellent opportunity for technology companies to be recognised as leading innovators. The best part? It is completely free to enter.

Benefits for Finalists

Finalists of the Technology Scale-up Awards will not only gain prestige and recognition but also receive a complimentary ticket to attend the S2S Summit 2024, one of New South Wales’s most anticipated events in the startup ecosystem.

Moreover, finalists will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in the S2S Summit’s annual pitch competition. This unique chance allows them to present their technological innovations to a panel of industry leaders, investors, and potential partners. Last year's winner, Chuhao Liu, Co-Founder of Sunflower AI, can attest to the transformative impact this opportunity can have on a technology business.

Reasons to Enter

Participating in the Technology Scale-up Awards and the S2S Summit Pitch Competition can significantly benefit your business. It is not just about winning an award; it is about the exposure, networking, and opportunities that come with it. Here are the key benefits:

  • Recognition: Be celebrated as a top technology innovator in Australia.

  • Networking: Connect with industry leaders, investors, and fellow innovators.

  • Showcase: Present your technology to a wide audience, including potential clients and partners.

  • Growth: Gain valuable insights and feedback that can help propel your business forward.

How to Enter

Entering the Technology Scale-up Awards is straightforward and free. Do not miss this opportunity to elevate your business and be part of something significant. Submit your nomination now and take the first step towards making your mark in the technology industry.

Enter now: Entries close Friday 12th July, 2024

Join us at the S2S Summit 2024 and be part of an event that celebrates innovation, fosters connections, and drives growth in the technology community. We look forward to seeing your innovative solutions and celebrating your achievements! Visit S2S Summit website:

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