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Unleashing Talent: Key Takeaways from Attracting, Retaining and Unleashing Talent in 2023 Event

On the 22nd of February, Tank Stream Talent hosted a Lunch & Learn session on “Attracting, Retaining and Unleashing Talent in 2023”, featuring a panel of industry experts.

The event was a huge success, with attendees learning about the latest trends in the market as well as best practices for building and maintaining a strong team culture in 2023.

This session was led by Hiam Sakakini, Tank Stream Talent Lead and Founder & CEO of The Culture Equation, and Olga Boylan, Tank Stream Talent Lead and Founder of Love Your Work.

The event centred around the 2023 workplace trends that will affect your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and what makes a company attractive to job seekers, as well as the best tactics on how to keep employees engaged and motivated to secure a thriving workplace culture.

Some key takeaways;

· It is still a VERY talent short market

· Unemployment is at an all-time low – 3.5%

· 92% of people employed said they would consider changing jobs if offered a role within a company with an excellent reputation (source Glassdoor)

· Generational shift – Baby boomers leaving the workforce, and Gen-Z will make up 27% of the workplace by 2025.

· Companies need to adapt EVPs to capture younger generations

· A meaningful employee value proposition with purpose is critical

An important topic discussed was the role of diversity and inclusion in attracting and retaining talent. The panellists highlighted the benefits of having a diverse workforce, which helps increase creativity and innovation, and shared best practices for building a more inclusive workplace.

Overall, the Lunch & Learn session was a valuable opportunity for attendees to learn from talent experts and gain insights into the latest trends in talent acquisition and retention.

At Tank Stream Labs, we understand the importance of building strong teams and company culture and cultivating and retaining talent. That's why we've launched Tank Stream Talent to help startups and companies of all sizes source and retain top talent. If you're interested in learning more about how Tank Stream Talent can help you, please visit our website or reach out to to speak to our team.

If you missed the event or want to revisit the insights shared by the panellists, be sure to follow our social media channels for updates on upcoming events and resources.

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