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Founder Stories: Andy Taylor, Founder & CEO, Douugh (ASX: DOU)

Check out Tank Stream Labs Founders Stories series, where Anita Baccam sat down with Douugh (ASX: DOU) CEO and Co-Founder Andy Taylor to discuss Andy Taylor's journey as a founder and entrepreneur. Watch the video to hear Andy Taylor discuss Douughs journey to listing on the ASX after a reverse takeover acquisition and 15 minutes record-breaking $6 million in capital crowdfunding.

Douugh (ASX: DOU) has since successfully listed on the ASX and Andy Taylor gives us his advice on some of the challenges and benefits in listing on the ASX, during a global pandemic.

This pandemic has made it worse, not better, and now more than ever customers need help managing their money” -Andy Taylor.

Douugh is the "new" fintech venture of serial entrepreneur, Andy Taylor. A smart bank set out to revolutionise online banking and present a viable and customer-based alternative to Australias big four banks. Through its AI-powered financial assistant, the company is setting out to change banking altogether and move away from traditional banking models. Douugh is hoping to empower their customers and change customers behaviours by educating them on their spending habits.

Douugh specialises in “fostering financial wellness for customers through automated money management” says Taylor, helping its customers live healthier financial lives.

Douugh is live on the market in the US and is expected to go live in Australia next year.

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