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Douugh (DOU) Lists on the ASX

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

We are excited for our member Douugh has had its debut on the ASX this week after finalising its reverse takeover of fellow fintech start-up ZipTel, following its introductory $6 million capital raise.

Sydney based and founded by CEO Andy Taylor, Douugh (ASX: DOU) is the smart bank that promises to provide its customers with a “financial wellness platform” through its AI-powered financial assistant that helps this generation to make healthy financial decisions to manage their finances more efficiently through a smartphone app and bank account. To help their customers save more money and manage their money more efficiently, the ‘neobank’ is aiming to disrupt more conventional means of banking and target millennial and Gen Z customers to help them better manage their finances.

While Douugh is not widely available yet, it is running trial programs in the US currently and is expected to launch in the states in a few weeks. Douugh is not available in Australia at the moment so we will have to patiently wait for the launch that is expected in 2021 before we get the app that surely will transform our

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