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Tank Stream Labs and Cape launches partnership

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Cape to continue supporting entrepreneurs, and offer the Tank Stream Labs community additional business rewards and savings through priority access to Cape's spend management app.

Cape is an Australian based startup that is revolutionising business spending through its intelligent corporate credit card and spend management app. Designed to assist SMEs to achieve growth by cutting costs on essential software services.

Why saving money is so important for startups

Running a small business can be a costly affair, and most small business owners carefully and critically consider the most cost-efficient ways to run their business.

Most startups go through lean periods both before and after they receive funding. Whether you are a new startup or an established business looking to scale up, saving money is essential for business growth. There are many benefits of saving money in business, and every business can save money somewhere, money that can be put to better use in other areas of the business.

As a facilitator for Australian tech startups growth, we saw an opportunity to work with Cape to provide our members with access to their spend management platform so they can take advantage of the additional business rewards and savings offered. We know just how important it is for startups to save money where it can be saved, and we are always striving to offer tailored solutions to assist our member's in growing their business.

Tank Stream Labs CEO Bradley Delamare comments on the collaboration.

“Working together with Cape on this initiative is another example of how we’re committed to providing the greatest value to our members. Our business is fully geared to helping the Australian tech ecosystem thrive and to help startups and scaleups accelerate their growth.”

About Cape

By helping companies to spend less, Cape is delivering a differentiated approach to the technology and software market that represents $99.6 billion of spending each year in Australia alone. Traditional cards incentivise companies to spend more by tying benefits and rewards to spend. They are cutting up the card industry and forming the pieces into a product that’s aligned with what’s best for customers.

Cape is committed to its vision of building out services integral to optimising the growth of startups. Starting with partnering with everyone from Amazon Web Services, Google Workspaces, Stripe, Canva, Hubspot and many more, to help startups strengthen their cash flow by accessing savings on everyday purchases through free trials, discounts and cashback offers.

Their CEO Ryan Edwards-Pritchard further comments on the collaboration.

“We’re so excited to be working with a key hub of Australian technology talent in Tank Stream Labs. Australian entrepreneurs are some of the savviest in the world, so we’re focusing our efforts on how we can help these companies reduce their burn rate rather than encouraging wasteful spending. We’re committed to the long term success of our customers and helping them achieve their goals faster and with reduced costs is just one way we can help them.”

We picked Cape’s Co-Founder Ryan Edwards-Pritchard’s brain on the inspiration behind creating APAC's first spend management platform.

Where did the inspiration for the spend management platform and corporate credit card come from?

“Cape is an idea of how workplaces could and should be different. We want to help support the creation of workplaces where people are respectfully trusted to have access to company funds so that they can get on with doing their jobs. A workplace that can say goodbye to expense reports and tedious receipt management processes.”

What is your goal for the future of startups with the assistance of Cape?

“We have two clear goals, we want to build something that can be very impactful and very big. And we want to solve the biggest problem that applies to lots of businesses and by virtue could impact a lot of people for the better. What’s become clear is that businesses want to spend less money and their finance teams want to go home/finish earlier, so we’re designing our software around this. Which is why we’re building software that is so efficient that it will literally help our customers that have a dollar in their pocket count for a dollar and a half from a spending perspective. It means those financial administrative tasks that used to take them an hour, now take 5 minutes.”

At Tank Stream Labs, we are committed to providing our members with opportunities that will have the biggest impact on their business.


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