Supporting your team whilst working from home

On Wednesday the 28th of July, resident cloud enablement experts Cevo Australia facilitated a Member for Member workshop for our community with Olga Boylan, People, Culture and Engagement Manager. Cevo is the trusted leader at the forefront of technology delivery, who helps their customers stay competitive through innovative solutions and building capability on the AWS platform.

During our Member for Member Workshop on how to support your team whilst working from home, Olga Boylan discussed the best practices to achieve this.

“Engaged employees feel connected with others even while working remotely.”

Engaging employees while working remotely is certainly more challenging than from an office but Olga explains that it is possible to keep them engaged and connected with virtual teams while working remotely.

Regular check-ins

Having regular check-ins with your team is vital to keep motivation high for all staff. Regular interaction (at least daily) and engagement with staff working from home will help them feel like a valued member of the team and it will help increase team productivity.

“The opposite of connection is isolation,” Olga explains, so if they don’t feel connected they will disengage from the projects they are working on, or from the company. So it’s important to keep checking in regularly, even if it can feel forced to begin with, but by being consistent then it will become normal. Another important factor when checking in with your team is holding space for the conversation to be focused on wellbeing, instead of only focusing on work-related topics. Olga recommends opting for open-ended questions like “How are you feeling today, compared to yesterday?”.

She recommends blocking out time in your team's diary for regular catch-ups as it can be difficult for people with busy schedules to make time for meetings.