The Truth About How The Octopus Inhabited Sydney Startup Hub.

-Can you tell the difference between a startup founder and a cephalopod?

After my first startup, I said no more but ended up working in a few. It was an unforgettable experience that I wouldn’t be without. It was so much fun as well as priceless growth on a professional and personal level.

I loved being a member of the co-working space. It is a high impact zone where startup teams create what no one has ever done before, achieving the unachievable. Like an octopus, they are curious opportunists and craftsmen of inventive thinking.

“I said no more after my first startup experience, but shortly found myself being sucked back.”

When I was approached to create a mascot for Tank Stream Labs, Sydney Startup Hub office space, I leaned on my personal journey to help inform my decision, and I am grateful to the community for trusting my creation.

The research was dedicated to finding the best representation to reflect the core characteristics of a founder and startup community.