How to Juggle WFH and Homeschooling

Working from home with kids can be challenging, even when they are older and more independent. As the lockdown continues, many parents are currently walking on a tightrope between supervising their children, homeschooling and attempting to keep up with demands from their actual employed job.

Getting the right balance between working from home (WFH) and homeschooling children can be difficult and it is only natural to feel stressed while trying to juggle a busy work schedule, disruption in your normal routine and children at the same time.

To help you find the right balance and strategy we have summarised the top tips from experts such as teachers and productivity specialists on how to best manage.

1. Start your day on the right foot

While it's tempting to start your day off snoozing the alarm and letting everyone stay in their PJs, after all, who is going to see you anyway? But getting up and ready with your children at the usual time will help you all get into the right frame of mind for the day.

While WFH and homeschooling have seen most people's routines go out the window as there are no obligations to follow a timetable or school hours, it is recommended to try to stick to your normal routine to keep your day from spiralling out of control.

2. Channel your inner director

“Getting one or two work things done early in the morning — before everyone else is up — can make a huge difference,” explains Laura Vanderkam, author of several books on productivity. She also recommends writing down general to-do lists every morning for yourself and your children, listing school activities and general activities to make sure everything moves forward and on schedule during the day. To make the tasks more enjoyable for the kids and yourself you can try implementing a reward system to keep motivation high.