5 Steps to creating strong investor relationships ahead of a capital raise

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For many businesses and entrepreneurs, funding is a key ingredient to their growth and success. However, investors aren’t just investing in an idea, they’re investing in you. It’s important to establish strong business relationships before you start raising actual funds and maintain this level of openness and honesty throughout your business journey.

Here are just 5 steps you can take to help you first create strong investor relationships, and then nurture it.

Think of creating these relationships in such a way they will remain whether the person invests or not.

1. Find a common interest

There are plenty of investors with money ready to be spent, however the key is to find investors that share a common interest with what it is your business is trying to achieve. The benefits for this are two-fold; firstly, it will be easier to strike up a conversation with them if you’ve never met them before; secondly; they are more likely to invest in your business, or point you