Two of Australia’s premier co-working spaces are coming together to strike a blow against the simmering interstate rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne as the premier destination for ­aspiring technology start-ups.

With both cities striving for the crown, Sydney-based Tank Stream Labs and Melbourne’s York Butter Factory are joining forces at a time when international players — WeWork, RocketSpace — are trying to muscle into their turf.

Tank Stream’s chief executive Bradley Delamare said the real tussle should be between local Australian outfits and their international peers

“The Melbourne versus Sydney debate distracts from the real issues impacting Australian start-ups,” Mr Delamare told The Australian.

“The competition shouldn’t be between cities, it should be between Australia and the rest of the world.”

The partnership between Tank Stream and York Butter will allow members of the respective spaces to work in both spaces for free.

Start-ups working from the two spaces will have access to the existing, supportive co-working networks each of the spaces has developed, as well as making ­interstate travel more seamless.

“Tank Stream and York Butter Factory are both Australian companies supporting Australian start-ups,” Mr Delamare said.

“A lot of international incu­bators and co-working offerings are entering the market, and while that speaks to the inter­national appeal of the Australian tech scene, homegrown companies like our own are the best equipped to support the national start-up landscape.”

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