Let me start the year by wading into the hottest topic in hipsterville, the potential location of Sydney’s super-sized, start-up hub.

The context to the conversation is the NSW government’s announcement that it will concentrate Sydney’s entrepreneurial community into a single site, thereby creating a grand innovation hot spot to rival our global competitors.

Few doubt the theory. Put simply, co-location works. Ask any member of an existing tech hub and they will attest to the benefits a strong ecosystem brings to their business.

In fact, collaborative and flexible workspaces are the new black in the business community.

Wework, the global leader in innovative workspaces, openly courts established businesses looking to house their teams in an environment more conducive to change.

Likewise, residents in places such as Tank Stream Labs (home to Commtract) and York Butter Factory in Melbourne include global companies who see it as an alternative to the traditional office option.

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