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Level 2, 11 Mounts Bay Road, Perth, WA 6000
Phone: +61 406 629 183

Best co-working space in Australia

In 2017, Tank Steam Labs won,
the best co-working space in Australia
by Fin Tech
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Since its incorporation in 2012, Tank Stream Labs has rapidly distinguished itself as one of Australia’s top breeding grounds for successful technology entrepreneurs, thought leaders and early adopters. Approximately 100 companies call Tank Stream Labs home, including Equitise, StockSpot and Buzzfeed. Tank Stream Labs alumni include Airtasker, Expert360, LawPath, Braintree and SurveyMonkey.

Australian-based Tank Stream Labs companies have so far raised more than $200million in funding. International companies with Australian subsidiaries based at Tank Stream Labs have raised more than $2billion globally.

In 2017, Tank Steam Labs won, the Best Co-Working Space in Australia by Fin-Tech Australia.
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