Via Business Insider Australia:

“It’s been one year since Nextdoor launched in Australia and it’s been quickly gaining traction.

CEO Sarah Friar told Business Insider Australia that Nextdoor is one of the company’s fastest growth markets – growing faster than both the UK and Canada.

“Today, if you live in Australia, 70% of the households are covered by a Nextdoor neighbourhood that has been founded,” she said.

The social platform aims to bring local neighbourhoods together. On first glance, it looks similar to Facebook, as users can post about events in their area, offer their maintenance services or sell their wares. There are other useful functions like ‘Lost and Found’ as well.

One of the main points of differences though is that the company verifies its users to make sure they actually live in a specific neighbourhood. And when you do sign in to the platform, you can see everyone’s name and what suburb they are in.

“We have verified users,” Friar said, adding that there are “no bots” on the site. “It’s true, real people at real addresses,” she said.

Friar joined Nexdoor in 2018 after serving as the chief financial officer at payment service Square. She highlighted that the three main reasons for Australians using Nextdoor are to give each other recommendations, for crime and safety-related issues and for organising activities in the community.”

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