James Lai
CEO and Founder of MEETIG8

Two weeks ago, I received a call from a Project Director at a major Australian financial institution asking if I can help him source a highly skilled and experienced Risk Lead for a multi-million dollar project.

He was frustrated having spent the previous month reviewing stacks of CVs from a number of recruitment firms and conducting numerous interviews on a bunch of candidates who turned out to be duds. Clearly, time was running short for him given looming project deadlines and a possibility that it will take another month of interviews before they can find someone suitable!

MEETIG8 – A new way to source Risk and Compliance talent for short-term gigs

Having launched our new start-up MEETIG8 in January this year, we were able to help him out immediately. MEETIG8 is an online marketplace that connects companies of all sizes with Risk, Compliance and Audit freelancers directly and fast! We are a platform built and operated by ex-Risk professionals, and therefore, we have deep understanding and intimate knowledge of what our customers need.

Since our launch in January (2017), we have had a good number of high quality and experienced Risk Professionals signed up and ready to go!

The online marketplace will be live from May (2017) this year but we are now open for business and have been assisting companies find talent since launch. When the online marketplace goes live, companies can directly connect with the freelancers via the platform.

Sourcing the right talent … fast!

Having been briefed, and clearly understood what the role of the Risk Lead is, we provided one CV of a strong candidate whom we felt ticked the boxes.

An interesting fact about the candidate was that he did not have much “local experience”. A number of recruitment firms previously told him that the chances of landing a job here is pretty low.

At MEETIG8, we do not make sweeping calls on the specialist’s chances based purely on “local experience”. We knew we spotted a gem in the specialist having had great foundations gained from a Big 4 accounting firm and a strong project risk and people management experience (from overseas). We strongly believed in our candidate and recommended him to the client (one CV provided, our best person for the job).

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