In 2018, we have made some incredible strides in diversity in entrepreneurship. The conversations we are having around the role of women in startups and their contributions must be recognised, enabled and driven as they are changing the nature of the ecosystem. However, there is so much change that must still happen. Only 3% of tech firms are founded by women, yet when funded they deliver 35% higher ROI than male led firms – and Start Up Muster’s 2017 Report revealed the number of female founders is continuing to trend upwards, sitting at 25.4% up from 23.5% the previous year. We need to find ways we can support female entrepreneurs starting out in the Australian market.

At Tank Stream Labs, we understand our own part in this, and we are committed to making change happen.

Between the 15th and the 19th of August we gathered a wide range of attendees, speakers and connectors for the second annual Female Entrepreneurship Week in Sydney and the first time in Perth, Western Australia to hear from some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, innovators and thought leaders through panel discussions, workshops and presentations from more than 50 speakers connect with other amazing, like-minded women.

It was an incredible week, filled with empowering insights and it fueled some amazing breakdowns of the data, the reality and the conversations that need to happen.

The current reality is that less than 25% of businesses in the startup space are founded by women; however, female founded businesses create double the revenue than those founded by men, which brings us to the burning question, how can we grow this number and what do we need to do to increase female involvement in what has contemporarily been a male dominant space.

We addressed that question through 20+ events across Tank Stream Labs. Over 50 thought leaders in this space shared their expertise and started incredible conversations, centred in seeing more success for women going forward. “It was great to see so many amazing women coming together to support each other and learn from one another. All of the speakers – female and male  – were very generous with their time and shared great insights.” Julie Demsey, Former General Manager of SBE Australia.

The main objective and purpose of us hosting female entrepreneur week is to understand and discuss the limitations that exist in place when it comes to female entrepreneurship and get an understanding from experts in the startup ecosystem of what needs to change in order to see more women become successful entrepreneurs.

“Female Entrepreneur Week is such an incredible initiative by Tank Stream Labs, it helps to start great conversations amongst the startup community and empower our current and future female entrepreneurs”. Christie Whitehill, Founder of Tech Ready Women and one of the many amazing panelists of Female Entrepreneur Week.

Over the week, attendees were asked to think about what they learned across all sessions and write it down so that the learnings could be discussed in a panel for the closing event. We received an astonishing number of responses, and it was humbling to know how much all attendees learned over the course of the week.

Female Entrepreneur week reached over 1600 people and even more through social media. Through the key learnings initiative we helped start conversations around a multitude of topics that were discussed over the week so that the knowledge gained from the events can be utilised in everyday life.

The past week has been an experience of learning, shifting boundaries and gaining a new level of understanding of how we can move the needle for female entrepreneurs in Australia and potentially further afield. It’s important to us that we take a moment to say thank you to all our speakers and panellists for making this incredible week happen!

We also want to say thank you to all of our incredible and remarkable attendees. We could not have made it such a success without you. We wish you all the very best on your own business journeys. That’s a wrap for this year, we hope to see you at any of the hundreds of events we hold throughout the year, for more informations please visit our website –

For Tank Stream Labs, it is our vision to see the number of women involved in the startup ecosystem continue to increase and we will continue to foster these conversations in our community. We are committed to hosting Female Entrepreneur Week on an annual basis so that we can sharing experience, knowledge and learnings from leading female entrepreneurs in the Australian ecosystem.