I made my first investment on January 1, 1996, at the time I was 10-years-old. Not your standard primary school hobby. I was sport obsessed and starting to realise girls weren’t as annoying as I thought, but my inner finance geek was fascinated by what made share prices go up and down.

My parents didn’t work in finance but my dad had some shares in his self managed super and decided to teach me and my brother some of the basics. He let us choose a stock from the newspaper, gave us $1,000 (which later, to my dismay, I found out was only theoretical). I had a few stockmarket wins, a few losses and I was hooked!

I kept a diary of every investment I made between 1996 and 1999 which I still have today. It looks more like a colouring-in book than a trading diary because I gave each stock a different set of colours – but in it I kept track of my running profit or loss, dividends and company news cutouts.