Due to recent developments regarding the crowdfunding legislation changes, as well as tax breaks aimed at start-up investors, Australia has become a home for a number of interesting start-ups. This is a part of the larger initiative to transform Australia into a powerhouse of innovation. The initiative is designed to help launch, grow and maintain local start-ups, making them attractive for outside investors.

That said, here are just 10 of the most promising companies which have already shown remarkable growth in a very short period of time and that you need to keep track of:

1. Canva
In late 2015, Canva managed to raise $21 million and surpass the 5 million users mark. Since then, the company has launched their own platform in six different languages, all in an effort to make graphic design easy and approachable for everyone. Today, over 10 million people are using Canva to produce high-quality designs and professional-looking graphics. Individuals can use Canva to edit their photos by adding various frames, borders, and text and it even offers dedicated fonts and images you can use to further better your design.

2. Divvy Parking
Founded by Nick Austin, Divvy Parking is an online parking system aimed at challenging commercial parking operators. It allows both individuals and companies to market their normally under-utilized parking spaces in order to provide everyone with a dedicated parking space. With Divvy Parking, commuters have access to both long and short term parking for just a fraction of a price they would normally pay to use a traditional car park. Currently, the company is partnered with large developers such as GPT Group, Dexus, and Knight Frank.

6. LawPath
LawPath has quickly become one of Australia’s largest online legal services. They provide numerous standardized legal documents used in common transactions. The company has hundreds of layers available to help create a fully customized solution, no matter what legal problem you might have. LawPath has partnered with over 250 different law firms based in Australia in order to provide their services to all small-to-medium sized businesses. You can either make a one-time purchase for a single use or you can opt-in for a full subscription and be provided with free legal quotes and a full range of legal documents.


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